Ph.D. Materials Science & Engineering, UC Berkeley, May 2022
Advisor: Kristin Persson
Focus: Machine Learning, Photocatalysts, CO2RR
Berkeley, California, USA

M.S. Materials Science & Engineering, UC Berkeley, May 2019
Advisor: Peidong Yang
Focus: Phase Transitions, Photonics, Fundamental Material Properties
Berkeley, California, USA. GPA: 3.5.

B.S. Chemical Engineering (Nanotechnology), University of Southern California, May 2017
Advisor: Andrea Armani
Focus: Optically cleavable polymers
Los Angeles, California, USA
GPA: 3.6

Intel Corporation, Chemistry Modeling
Keeping Moore’s law alive through materials simulations using quantum chemistry tools, Density Functional Theory, ab-initio, semi-empirical and neural network/ML trained force potentials molecular dynamics, nudged elastic band theory, and more.

Apple Corporation, Semiconductor Materials Modeling Engineer
Used quantum chemistry tools including ab-intio molecular dynamics, density functional theory, and data-driven approaches to simulate material properties, and aid in understanding processing.

Intel Corporation, Chemistry Modeling Engineer Intern
Built tool which leveraged machine learning to model reactions on amorphous material surfaces (paper submitted).

Kristin Persson Research Group, University of California, Berkeley, Berkeley, CA
High-Throughput Density Functional Theory for Photocatalysis for CO2 Reduction  (publication)
Project: CO2 Adsorbation on Telluride-based Materials (publication)
Project: High-throughput surface reaction exploration of amorphous materials (publication)

Peidong Yang Research Group, University of California, Berkeley, Berkeley, CA
Project: 2D Perovskite Nanoplates Self Assembly (publication)
Project: Langmuir Blodgett Assembly of Perovskite Nanowires (publication)
Project: Perovskite@Matrix: Phase Transition (publication)
Project: Lead free perovskite (publication)

National Center for Electron Microscopy, Lawrence Berkeley National Lab, Berkeley, CA
Project: Tecnai Microscope, EELS, HR-TEM, Focal Series

Advanced Light Source, Lawrence Berkeley National Lab, Berkeley, CA
Project: SAXS/WAXS – Beamline 7.3.3

Andrea Armani Research Group, University of Southern California, Los Angeles, CA
Project: Characterize a polymerization reaction with various variables and solvents with a UV cleavable base.
Project: Synthesized and characterized beta-Heamatin particle (present in patients with Malaria) for Malaria diagnostic device.

Institute of Microelectronics, Tsinghua University, Beijing, China
Project: Use of molybdenum sulfide (MoS2) nano structure for Lithium-ion battery cathode.


  1. Yong Liu, Martin Siron, Dylan Lu, Jingjing Yang, Roberto dos Reis, Fan Cui, Mengyu Gao, Minliang Lai, Jia Lin, Qiao Kong, Teng Lei, Joohoon Kang, Jianbo Jin, Jim Ciston, Peidong Yang. “Self-assembly of Two-dimensional Perovskite Nanosheet BuildingBlocks into Ordered Ruddlesden-Popper Perovskite Phase” J Am. Chem. Soc. 2019
  2. Hao Liu, Martin Siron, Mengyu Gao, Dylan Lu, Yehonadav Bekenstein, Dandan Zhang, Letian Dou, A Paul Alivisatos, Peidong Yang. “Lead halide perovskite nanowires stabilized by block copolymers for Langmuir-Blodgett assembly”  Nano Research 2020
  3. Jianmei Huang, Teng Lei, Martin Siron, Ye Zhang, Sunmoon Yu, Fabian Seeler, Ahmad Dehestani, Li Na Quan, Kerstin Schierle-Arndt, Peidong Yang, Peidong Yang “Lead-free Cesium Europium Halide Perovskite Nanocrystal” ACS Nano Letters 2020.
  4. Oxana Andriuc*, Martin Siron*, Joey H Montoya, Matt Horton, Kristin Persson “Automated Adsorption Workflow for Semiconductor Surfaces and the Application to Zinc Telluride” ACS JCIM, 2021
  5. Martin Siron, Oxana Andriuc, Kristin Persson, “Data-Driven Investigation of Tellurium-Containing Semiconductors for CO2 Reduction: Trends in Adsorption and Scaling Relations” J Phys Chem C, 2022
  6. Jordan Burns, Bin Ouyang, Jianli Cheng, Matthew K Horton, Martin Siron, Oxana Andriuc, Ruoxi Yang, Gerbrand Ceder, Kristin Persson, “Equilibrium Particle Shape and Surface Chemistry of Disordered Li-Excess, Mn-Rich Li-ion Cathodes through First-Principles Modeling” Chem. Matter., 2022
  7. Ruo Xi Yang, Caitlin A McCandler, Oxana Andriuc, Martin Siron, Rachel Woods-Robinson, Matthew K Horton, Kristin Persson “Big Data in a Nano World: A Review on Computational, Data-Driven Design of Nanomaterials Structures, Properties, and Synthesis” ACS Nano, 2022.
  8. Mengyu Gao, Yoonjae Park, Jianbo Jin, Peng-Cheng Chen, Hannah Devyldere, Yao Yang, Chengyu Song, Zhenni Lin, Qiuchen Zhao, Martin Siron, Mary C Scott, David T Limmer, Peidong Yang “Direct Observation of Transient Structural Dynamics of Atomically Thin Halide Perovskite Nanowires” JACS, 2023
  9. Martin Siron, Nita Chandrasekhar, Kristin Persson, “Enabling automated high-throughput Density Functional Theory studies of amorphous material surface reactions” Computational Materials Science, 2023.

National Science Foundation, Graduate Research Fellowship Program
National Academy of Engineering, Grand Challenge Scholar
University of Southern California, Presidential Scholar
Charles J. Rebert Award for Outstanding Service
Rose Hills, Research Fellowship
University of Southern California, Provost Fellow (Received: Summer 2016, Fall 2016, Spring 2017)
O4U Engineering Fellow
University of Southern California, Undergraduate Research Assistant Fellowship
Seely Mudd Scholarship


Graduate Assembly, UC Berkeley

2020-2021 Vice President of Finance (Daily Cal Coverage)

2017-2018 Materials Science & Engineering Delegate
2018-2019 Materials Science & Engineering Delegate
2019-2020 Materials Science & Engineering Delegate

Materials Science & Engineering Graduate Student Council, UC Berkeley
2018-2019 President

AIChE, Chapter at USC

  • Implemented Chem-E only Career Fair initiative which helped to grow organization by over 150% and secured new sponsors for more programing.
  • Managed $22,000 budget.

ChemE Car

  • Implemented the Chem-E car competition at USC.
  • Extensively planned to create a car by 2016 for regional competition.
  • Performed research on various fuel types and proposed a budget to Viterbi to get funding for Chem-E Car Team.
  • Inspired 20 active members to join and build a car on weekly rotations and grew club to 70 members within one year
  • Competed at Regional Competition in Riverside, CA
  • Created research poster for poster competition


  • Martin Siron, Madhav Gupta. “Traveler: USC Chem-E Car Team.” American Institute of Chemical Engineers, Western Conference. Chem-E Car Poster Competition. Riverside, California. April 2016, Poster.
  • Martin Siron, Michele Lee, Eda Gungor, Andrea M. Armani. “Tuning Cleaving Kinetics of Photo-Responsive Polymers via Solvent-Polymer Interactions.” American Institute of Chemical Engineers National Conference, San Francisco, 2016, Poster.
  • Martin Siron, “Tuning Cleaving of Photo-Responsive Smart Polymer via Solvent-Polymer Interaction.” 12th Mork Research Symposium, University of Southern California, Los Angeles, CA. Poster.

Programming Languages: Python, Java
Computational Materials: VASP, PyMatgen, Atomate, Fireworks
Machine Learning: TensorFlow (Keras wrapper), SKLearn’s SVMs
Data Analysis: Python with MatPlotLib & Seaborn & Plotly, Origin Pro
Software: Autodesk Inventor, Adobe Creative, Blender/Maya
Spoken Languages: French (Native), English (Native)

Full CV can be downloaded here.