1. Yong Liu, Martin Siron,…, Peidong Yang. “Self-assembly of Two-dimensional Perovskite Nanosheet BuildingBlocks into Ordered Ruddlesden-Popper Perovskite Phase” J Am. Chem. Soc. 2019 (
  2. Hao Liu, Martin Siron, …, Peidong Yang. “Lead halide perovskite nanowires stabilized by block copolymers for Langmuir-Blodgett assembly” Nano Research 2020 (
  3. Jianmei Huang, Teng Lei, Martin Siron, …, Peidong Yang “Lead-free Cesium Europium Halide Perovskite Nanocrystal” ACS Nano Letters 2020. (

Contribution to open source softwares (in order of contributions):


  • MSE 45 – teaching six 3-hour lab sections along with six 1-hour lectures on topics from mechanical properties, crystal growth and crystal properties, phases, phase seperation, phase transformations, polymers and polymers characterization.

Graduate Assembly: Financial Resource Database

  • Link upcoming – stay tuned – built a database of funding resources available at Cal for grad student. Backend using Flask/Python.

nCov-2019 Web App: Built it to learn Flask, NLP, NER:

Contribution to Materials Project Workshop

  • Beginner Python lesson – gave a Python primer to professionals and academics in the materials field in order to be able to complete more advance lessons during the ’19 Materials Project Workshop.

Poster for AIChE’s 2016 Undergraduate Student Poster Competition
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Chem-E Car Competition, AIChE Western Regionals, 2016
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