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Contribution to open source softwares (in order of contributions):


  • MSE 45 – teaching six 3-hour lab sections along with six 1-hour lectures on topics from mechanical properties, crystal growth and crystal properties, phases, phase seperation, phase transformations, polymers and polymers characterization.

Graduate Assembly: Financial Resource Database

  • Link upcoming – stay tuned – built a database of funding resources available at Cal for grad student. Backend using Flask/Python.

nCov-2019 Web App: Built it to learn Flask, NLP, NER:

Contribution to Materials Project Workshop

  • Beginner Python lesson – gave a Python primer to professionals and academics in the materials field in order to be able to complete more advance lessons during the ’19 Materials Project Workshop.

JCAP Research Conference Poster:

Poster for AIChE’s 2016 Undergraduate Student Poster Competition